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"Stop listening to others, and start listening to yourself!" 

We evolve by taking small steps every day.


The power is on making small shifts with consistency rather than

drastic changes towards a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

My name is Emanuela de Paula, a professional model since I was 15 years old, 

which gave me the opportunity to travel the world and explore many

cultures around the globe.

Nyc was where everything begins.

I’ve always been a foodie, just like an authentic Brazilian, lol and for so many years

I struggled with my weight and body image.

Going thru all kinds of diets to lose weight, and as no surprise,

I was losing myself too.

Deep inside we know; Diets DON’T work!

I’ve always loved to cook as it reminded me of great times back home

in the kitchen with my family and

 I slowly realized how healing food was to me and day by day I started understanding

it’s effect in my body and mind.

My relationship with food flipped completely and when I got pregnant of my first child,

I decided to take actions and to follow my purpose of life.

I became a certified integrative health coach and I dedicate my time

to learn and teach other the beauty of real food!

Welcome to my world of




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Every day I remind myself to be present!

As a Health Coach, I’ve learned to choose self-love

over self-judgment

A lot of times, we find ourselves on auto-pilot been

told what to do, what to eat, and how to live.


I believe it's time to start taking action towards your beliefs, by creating your own reality with personal choices.


My mission is to educate and inspire you to create

 the life you truly love.

I’m here to provide you with personal support and

help you achieve your health goals.


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